Monday, September 24, 2012

Haunted Vermont

Although it's just a few short hours away from where I sit, I have have not yet visited Vermont, but it is high on my list of Places to Explore.

Hauntingly Beautiful is a tremendous resource for information of what to see and do in the Green Mountain State. With a very rich history and a fierce sense of independence, Vermont is a great destination for anyone seeking the beauty and solitude of a very rural state.

Vermont in a Nutshell

  • Vermont is the second largest state in New England (after Maine) at 9,614 square miles, but is the eighth smallest state in the nation. 
  • Vermont is wide at the top along the Canadian border (90.3 miles) and narrow at thebottom (41.6 miles) alongthe Massachusetts border. Vermont is 157.4 miles long, with New York to the west and New Hampshire to theeast. Lake Champlain runs along the state’s western border. 
  • The Green Mountains, one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world, run up the center of the state. 
  • The state’s name is derived from: Ver, from the French word for green, vert; and -mont from mountain.
Haunted Vermont

Just in time for Halloween, below is an article (from on some spooky things to experience while you visit Vermont.

The Green Mountain State has a long history of haunted places – from graveyards to bridges, old inns and homes, and even in the mountains and along riverbanks. Sometimes the spirits are friendly, even comforting. Sometimes they're mischievous and occasionally they're downright destructive.
One of Vermont's most famously haunted sites is the Dutton House, originally built in 1782, on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum in Shelburne, Vermont. Donated by the Dutton family in the early part of the 20th century, the house was moved from its original site in Cavendish and reconstructed piece by piece on the grounds of the Shelburne Museum. Shortly after the reconstruction, workers at the Museum noticed sounds inside the house that did not belong. When the house was known to be empty, workers heard doors slamming, footsteps walking along the old, creaky boards, and, most eerily, the sound of a young girl crying. The Dutton family was a large one, so it's not known which of the family members might have moved along with the house, but apparently they are attached to their former home and let their presence be known even today.
An unusual spot for a haunting is the White River riverbank near Hartford, Vermont. In 1887, there was a tragic railroad disaster when a Montrealer train jumped its tracks, went over the edge of the railroad bridge and down to the White River below. Both the train and the wooden bridge caught fire, and over 30 people died. The story is that a 13-year old boy named Joe McCabe witnessed his father's death in the fire and has since been seen playing along the White River riverbank. He is dressed in 19th century clothing and is said to float about four feet above the water.
Whether or not you believe in spirits, Vermont is a beautiful place to visit this fall. Come for the foliage, for a balloon or train ride and stay in one of our beautiful inns. You'll be warmly welcomed by real humans – and maybe a few spirits as well.

Click on over to for more it's haunted history or to plan a weekend trip or a complete vacation to Vermont.

I don't know if I'll make it to Vermont by Halloween, but I do know that a weekend trip to the Green Mouintain State is definitely in my very near future and I hope in yours, too.

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