My Little Corner of the Lower 48 (Plus 2)

I am a Misplaced Texan living in Maine. It's a long story of how I ended up here and if you'd like, I'll share it with you some day. I will always be a Texan first, but I am very happy in this little part of New England. My wife and children were born and raised (and in the girls' case, still being raised) in Maine, so it is now my home away from home. Maine is a beautiful state with abundant wildlife and some great scenery. On this page, I will share with you a little about my personal life in relation to how other Americans live their daily lives, and post photos of this wondrous locale nicknamed The Pine Tree State.

My 2012 Garden: This year's garden is smaller than those in years past, but what it lacks in acreage, it makes up for in beauty. Here are some photos of the containerized vegetables that are a part of my efforts:

Cherry Tomatoes
Pepper & Tomatoes
Onions & Tomatoes


  1. Howdy from Lubbock, Texas! Like your site...

    1. Thanks, Rick! I have been in and through Lubbock many times. It's a great place! I appreciate you taking time to visit and comment.

    2. One more thing...I like your site as well and it will be added to my blog roll in just a few minutes!