About "The Lower 48 (Plus 2)"

The Lower 48 (Plus 2) is America - Her Heritage, History & People. I am a proud American wanting to share the story of this great land through blog posts about the various aspects of the Fruited Plain. These pages will depict information about all 50 States, hence The Lower 48 (Plus 2), in written, photographic and video formats - a virtual vacation, if you will. As a matter of fact, vacation is one the main reasons for the creation of this blog. The material presented on The Lower 48 (Plus 2) is intended not only as a learning tool, but a trip planner as well.

I have been fortunate enough to have been to over 30 of  The Lower 48 (Plus 2) and I have no intention of stopping until I have visited each of the fifty United States. Join me as we explore America, Her Heritage, History & People.

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  1. Tob, I am able to use your comment section. What do I do and where do I do it to start a blog? Or, do I just do updates on the comment page?