Monday, February 18, 2013

Presidents Day & Presidential Trivia

It's Presidents Day!

Rather than take a historical look at Presidents Day, I thought it would be kinda cool to explore some Presidential trivia as provided by a new book called The Smithsonian Book on Presidential Trivia. 

Presidential Trivia From the Book via WaPo

  • The first lawyer to win the White House? John Adams, who would be succeeded by 24 other men possessed of legal training, heaven help us. Moreover, at just 5’4″, Adams remains our shortest president. 
  • The only commander-in-chief never to wed? James Buchanan, whose fiancée broke their engagement after a quarrel, and then broke his heart when she apparently took her life. Buchanan also penned the first presidential memoir, although “Mr. Buchanan’s Administration on the Eve of Rebellion” was hardly a Civil War-era blockbuster.
  • The first president with fulltime Secret Service protection? Teddy Roosevelt, whose other distinctions include being saved from an assassin’s bullet by an eyeglass case and 50-page stump speech in his pocket; inspiring thousands of adorable toy “Teddy Bears;” creating the first White House press room for reporters and being one of the Mount Rushmore Four.
Pretty neat stuff, huh?

From George Washington to Barack Obama and 42 other Presidents in between, you can discover more Presidential Potpourri and facts about First Ladies on the Washington Post's website.  

***If you'd like to order The Smithsonian Book on Presidential Trivia, you can do so here.***

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