Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hero Cop Pulls Man From Burning Car - w/Rescue Video!

Hero. A common word describing common people performing uncommon acts of valor.

Today, I present to you an Honest-to-God American Hero.

Urbandale, Iowa Police Officer Zac McDowell.

Fiery Crash

An 18 year old man was doing doughnuts (driving in circles at an unsafe speed) in his car in a church parking lot when things went very wrong.

The man lost control of his automobile while performing the stunt and crashed into an air conditioning unit. The collision resulted in the man's car bursting into flames.

Luckily for 18 year old Ian Waseskuk police officer Zac McDowell responded to the call.

Raw Video posted this dramatic video of Officer McDowell not taking into account his own personal safety, braving inferno-like flames and billowing smoke to perform one of the most selfless acts of courage I have ever seen.

Fortunately, neither Waseskuk or Officer McDowell were seriously injured in the incident, but Waseskuk will face charges after a brief stay in a local hospital.


It is young men like Urbandale, Iowa Police Officer Zac McDowell that make up the fabric of this great country - ordinary men facing extraordinary circumstances, reacting with uncommon valor.

Simply put, Zac McDowell is an American Hero.

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