Wednesday, June 6, 2012

D - Day

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Image from Library of Congress

Today is D-Day. In memory of what has been called the single most important military engagement in the history of Man, today we'll explore a little bit about D-Day, its history and significance. I will provide you with links to materials from those far more knowledgeable on the subject than I. 

Library of Congress

As with any story about American History, the Library of Congress is the ultimate resource. The link I provided will take you a page that is the beginning of a boat load of contemporary news stories on D-Day. You'll feel as the Americans of 1944 felt as the events of this brutal battle unfolded.

Operation Neptune

The Normandy landings, codenamed Operation Neptune, were the landing operations of the Allied invasion of Normandy, in Operation Overlord, during World War II. The landings commenced on Tuesday, 6 June 1944 (D-Day), beginning at 6:30 am British Double Summer Time (GMT+2). In planning, D-Day was the term used for the day of actual landing, which was dependent on final approval.

Get more on D-Day from Wikipedia.

Snoopy & D-Day

One of my Twitter friends posted a link to a blog I had never read before. On the landing page from the link was this cartoon:  

There's a great story behind this panel and lots of informative links at the website, archeolibris.

U.S. Army

The United States Army site has a very sobering photo history of D-Day. Don't just look at it, observe it. Amazing stuff.

God bless America.  

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