Friday, June 8, 2012

Virginia, Tennessee & Funny Town Names!

Howdy, Y'all!

I found some material that I had tucked away in the archives of one of my other blogs. I think it will fit nicely on The Lower 48 (Plus 2).

I hope this will give you a certain appreciation for the history of the two featured states, VIrginia and Tennessee, as well as a good chuckle at some of the odd names of some towns around the the Lower 48 (Plus 2)
  • Virginia - This post was originally published way back on June 18, 2010. It's a really good piece on a state that has given this country some of its greatest heroes and leaders. I, personally learned a helluva lot just doing the research for the post. I consider it a must read. It's that good.
  • Tennessee - As a Texan, I am eternally grateful to the people of Tennessee for the men from their great state that played such a defining role in the Texas Revolution. These men will forever be remembered as heroes as long as there is a Texas. The post goes into more detail on the contribution of these immortal Tennesseans/Texans. God. Bless. Tennessee. 
  • Funny Town Names Around the Country - Posts with funny town names have been some of the most popular ones every time I publish one. From back in September, 2010, here are some flat funny monikers from small towns all over the United States. Coffee Spewing Alert! Do not have a swallow of any liquid in your mouth when you read this! It may end up coming out of your nose when you bust a gut reading this stuff. 
Remember that you can order FREE travel guides from Virginia and Tennessee! These publications are nice to have on hand for vacation planning or for just learning stuff about The Lower 48 (Plus 2). If you'd like to receive a travel guide from any stat in the Union, simply click the link in the right sidebar. They are all FREE except for the guide from the Communist State of Washington. They want a shipping and handling fee.

Have a great weekend and we'll do some more exploring next week on The Lower 48 (Plus 2)! 


  1. Here's some more VA ones:

    1. Thanks, Cliff!

      Folks, look over in the right sidebar, locate "History & Travel Sites", then scroll down to "Really Weird Place Names". That's Cliff's blog. It has some great odd names from towns all over America!