Saturday, July 21, 2012

All American Garden Tour at My House

99% of the time I reserve this space for articles about the USA, history or a Great American, like my friend with the new book out, Bob Zeller.

I am American but I in no way qualify as great, unless it's fishing we are talking about. Today. I will break with tradition just a bit by posting about my garden. Yes, my garden. While many of you around the country have been enjoying the fruits of your labor (pun intended) for some time now, those of us who, like me, live in the Northern Climes and those devastated by drought or heat, have not been so lucky.

While my garden is growing like crazy, it still isn't time (I can't put seedlings in the ground until at least Memorial Day)  to reap the rewards of all my almost-hard work. It won't be long, though and I am looking to outstanding results.

Below is a short video tour of my garden that my wife and I made earlier today. I hope you'll enjoy watching it and derive as much pleasure as I did making it.

Next to decimating the fish population where ever I am, within the limits of the law of course, gardening is my favorite Natural High.

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  1. I shared this on FB. Look out now people will want to buy your veggies.