Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It is now 9:30p.m. CST. Still no rain, just a lot of gusting wind (25+mph). Not so, in New Orleans and further east in Mississippi. The rains have been pounding away at those folks since just about 6 p.m. I feel like a war correspondent waiting for that first burst of anti-aircraft fire at the outbreak of a nighttime air raid(maybe Edward R. Morrow, LOL). The rustling of the tree branches in the increasing winds is a precursor to what is coming. The strange lack of vehicle traffic on most roadways in these affected areas. Street lights shine in the distance, soon to be darkened by the lack of electricity. All of Livingston Parish is under a "Dusk to Dawn" curfew. We took the Grandbaby outside to let her cavort around in the breezy evening air. The spirited exuberance of a child is a marvel to watch. Her non-realization that something historic is occurring around her. Her lack of fear at the coming storm. We adults will worry enough about all things storm related, later. Now the kids will settle down with the baby in a hope she will peacefully sleep while the storm churns outside the walls of our home tonight. That's all for now. As Ed Morrow said, "Goodnight and Good luck".

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