Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At 1:30 p.m. CST, now Hurricane Isaac is churning in the Gulf. Winds here in Watson are beginning to gust and blow at 6 to 12 mph +or -. The wife and I took a leasurely trip to the local IHOP and enjoyed a good late breakfast. The local traffic was bustling, but, not jammed up bumper to bumper...YET! If you want to view the traffic cams for New Orleans and Baton Rouge area go to www.dotd.state.gov and click on the area cams you'd like to see. Stopped at the Watson Wal-Mart for a few extra things, just to be a little more prepared for the on slaught of Isaac. Still no rain in the Watson/Denham Springs/Baton Rouge area. However....IT IS STILL HOT! Even with the breeze blowing. Just believe the heat in the air and the warmth of the Gulf waters will just really fuel the storm up. Winds in the storm are at approximately 80+ mph with very little forward movement at this time. Local fire departments have stockpiled sand for sandbags that will be needed in many low lying areas of the Parish(Livingston Parish is where Watson is located). As most know Louisiana has Parishes instead of Counties. All for now......

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