Monday, August 27, 2012

From Louisiana: James Ott Live Blogs TS Isaac

Here's a reminder that my long-time friend James Ott will be live blogging from Watson, Louisiana about Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac as events warrant. So be sure to check back as often as possible on The Lower 48 (Plus 2) as the situation on the ground in LA and Mississippi deteriorates due to the passing through of Isaac.
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There's no better way to get storm coverage than from an eyewitness right in the middle of the action, and James will be your eyes and ears to what is going on on the Gulf Coast as events unfold.

For those of you on the Gulf Coast, please take this storm very seriously and heed the advice and orders of your local officials regarding what actions you should take to remain safe in the wake of the storm.

Also, if are safely able to do so, please send any photos of the weather in your area to lower48plus2 AT gmail DOT com. Or if you'd like to volunteer information about what's going on in your location, please feel free to do so in the comment section. But, again, do so only if you know you are safely doing so. We can always get your account or photos of the weather in your locale after the storm has passed.

Head Honcho, The Lower 48 (Plus 2)

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