Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storm Update #10

It is now 6:45p.m. CST. Constant rain has run all ditches and creeks on our property to slightly overflowing. The winds have been bareable in the last few hours. Debris is minamal at this time, a few branches, a styrofoam cup or two, and not much else. I will post a couple of photos and video on my Facebook page, shortly. I believe we will survive the storm and mainly the cabin fever....I was able to get a couple of hours rest today. I will not sleep after dark. Always watching for that one thing that can turn a bad situation worse. We still have, probably a 12 to 18 hour window of rain and wind time left before this headache is over. At 8:26 p.m.CST our power went out. Generator kicked in to supply us with the all important ability at stay in contact with the outside world. Water is rising now. All ditches are past full our yard is becoming a small lake. The house will be okay. This will be the worst water episode, since we've lived here. If the rain would cease for an hour or two the levels would drop some. This is the part of this situation I really don't care for. Still have several hours to suffer though all of this wind and rain. 600,000 are without power at this time. Let's all really hope for the best. Prayer's are really welcome for all who are suffering at this time.

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