Tuesday, August 28, 2012


At 7:45a.m. CST, rain has begun to fall. Skies are still partly cloudy to cloudy. The first outer band of heavy rain has reached the New Orleans area. A lighter band of showers is coming from the east from Hammond, LA towards the Baton Rouge area. Landfall is expected around 11:00p.m. So, for now the rain will come and go. Still light breeze blowing. Final preparations for the storms arrival are being made by many residents in the south Louisiana storm track areas. In the time it has taken me to type this update, the rain has stopped, for now. Got an e-mail from a co-worker at G.E.C. (boat captain for our underwater inspection team), he says, backwater from Lake Pontchartrain has risen above the street he lives on in Madisonville, LA. He lives near the banks of the Tchefuncte(chee-funk-ta) River at the mouth of the river near the lake. Gulf surge is always a concern in the New Orleans area. That's all for now.

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