Friday, August 3, 2012

It's National Clown Week!

One thing about being American is that we never let good reason to celebrate something sneak past us. We have just concluded National Ice Cream Month and we are full steam ahead into National Clown Week!

Number 1 By a Nose
We owe a lot to those guys with the big red noses and even bigger feet. They have created hundreds of millions of smiles on faces of all ages over the years and they show no sign of letting up any time soon. And in tribute to All Clowns, past and present, we celebrate the first week in August as National Clown Week in their honor.

From the World's Most Famous Clown, Bozo, to the clown who participates in the circus or even the clown in a local parade, there is much more to clowns than the aforementioned big noses and feet. I think today would be a very opportune time to learn some stuff about clowns that many of us don't know. Or, for Old Dudes like me, have forgotten.

What better place to get a ton of information on clowns than National Clown

Facts and Trivia About Clowns
  • Did you know the word "clown" is related to the word "klutz"?
  • Not everybody is fan of clowns. In fact, thousands of people suffer from coulrophobia. Don't worry, that's not some deadly tropical disease, it means the "fear of clowns".
  • Did you know that there was once a Clown College ? Studenta at Clown College took courses in stilt-walking, ballet and juggling amongst others. Today there is Clown School amd many Junior Colleges around the country offer Clown classes.
  • There is a whole network of clown-related organizations like clown schools, clown groups even newslettres specifically for clowns.
  • Besides birthdays and the like, clowns also hire out for educational events. Clowns ain't dummies
You might be surprised at the actual number of clown resources available with the simple click of a mouse button. It's truly amazing, just like our funny friends, the klutzes, I mean clowns.

There's enough information just on the web sites I highlighted to keep you busy learning all about clowns for hours on end and then some. Simply follow the links I provided and click on other links in site you land on. There's some really cool stuff out there. :0)

And I'm not just clowning around.