Wednesday, August 29, 2012

TS Isaac UPDATE #11

     At 10 p.m. CST, TS Isaac is moving north....FINALLY. It just won't move fast enough to suit me! My yard has become a lake. In south Louisiana when you buy property, you buy into the chance of flooding. Just about anywhere you buy. Drainage is the thing. If you have a good drainage lay out you can have a descent looking home place. When you get 10+ inches of rain in a short time your gonna HAVE FLOODING! Just about anywhere you live. Given time the water will leave and clean up can begin.
     I've failed to identify who I have been hunkering down with, by name. So, let me introduce everyone. Beginning with, my wife Lorna, step-son Stephen, daughter-in-law Lauren, our grand-daughter Miss Addison Lilly, and step-son Matthew. We have all taken turns keeping Miss Addy entertained, which is no small feat. Being that she about 20 months old, she is getting close to the terrible two's. So, her entertainment and satisfaction is paramount.....for peaceful co-exsistence. We are doing well though.
     Was just informed that the Baton Rouge area has received approximately 8 1/2 inches of rain so far today. Now, that is a local count, in different areas the amounts vary. For the amount of standing water here at my house 8 1/2 inches is a bit low.     
     Hoping for a little rest tonight. Will update again later.

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