Wednesday, August 29, 2012

UPDATE #7 the Rain and Wind.

              Dateline: Watson, LA 1:45a.m.CST

Hurricane Isaac has FINALLY reached up from it's Gulf water power source and began to assault the Baton Rouge area. High winds (30 to 40mph, gusting higher) and rain have begun. The winds are a swirling type multi-directional force. The tree tops swirl and sway at the winds leasure. I hope the trees in our yard and around us can withstand this on slaught. I don't hold out much hope of escaping unscathed. The rain at this time is light. We are on the edge of the major bands of the Gulf enfused storm. Original predictions were for 6" to 12" of rain over the length of this weather event. Now reports say to expect 15" to 22" of rain. The entire southeastern portion of Louisiana is under a "Tornado Watch" until sometime later Wednesday. "Flood Watch" warnings are in effect, also. The storm is idling for now, no movement. Allowing it to suck up more water and build energy for it's push into the State and the Central U.S. Isaac is making, what local weather experts are calling, a "Jog" to the west at this time. When it makes it's northerly turn, they say it( the storm eye) will pass to the west of Baton Rouge. This is not a good thing. It puts the heaviest part of the storm over our area. In New Orleans, some 300,000 are without power at this time. With these latest developements, the probability of MAJOR damage throughout south Louisiana has been ramped up. Hang on folks we are in for a really bumpy ride. Be safe.........

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