Wednesday, August 29, 2012


1:00 P.M. CST
        The Baton Rouge area is being warned by B.R. Mayor Kip Holden, that, within the next 30 minutes, or so, this area will feel the full force of hurricane winds and heavy rains for at least the rest of the day.
          Well, I guess we are about to get all that we have been waiting for, and, dreading for it to get here. The rain and winds have been steady for the last few hours. Higher gusting winds and heavier rains have begun within the last few minutes. Hopefully, the  Lord will watch over all who are out in this immoderate weather and all of us in the path of this storm. 
          On a side note, the hummingbirds who drink from my feeder have remained steadfast in their want for drink. Winds have not dampened their flying or their thirst. Though, they may have sought refuge from the approaching storm, at this time. 
          Over 500,000 in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas are without power at this time. So far our lights have flickered, but, still we have power. Eventually, we will relie on our generator to supply us the comfort that we all will surely need. We are sitting on our back porch out of the winds and rain. All of the storm action is coming out of the north. Our porch is a southern exposure, so, we can watch the storm for a while. Gale force winds have really begun now. We may not tarry on the back porch for much longer. 

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