Thursday, August 30, 2012

UPDATE # 13! All Good Things Come To An End.

Well, it is 10 a.m. CST! August 30, 2012. Peace has come to Watson and the Baton Rouge area. Though a slow drizzle continues today, for a little while longer. Things are returning to a somewhat normal pace. Soon the kids will load up and travel to check on other loved ones and return to their home to assess any damage. Phone calls need to be made to check in or check on others in the families. We may try to take a drive and see just how much damage Isaac has inflicted upon Watson. If we got the worst he had to offer and any other storms in the future are not as bad, I think we can handle most anything. As with anything, all is in the Lord's hands. 
Now, if the electricity would re-establish itself, the generator can take a rest. 

For now, It's been real, it's been nice, but, most of all, it's been REAL NICE!! 

Thank's again, Toby!!

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