Thursday, August 30, 2012


At 2:30 a.m. CST 
    The eye of TS Isaac is passing Baton Rouge and is headed toward New Roads, LA. Rain still falls and the wind is still blowing. Wind speeds are moderating downward now. I have gotten a couple of hours sleep tonight. All are sleeping peacefully now. Hopefully, by morning, things will start to improve. We are now on the backside of the storm. It can now SKI-DADDLE! On up the road! For all I care. ENOUGH! is enough....We have made it through and can begin the clean up(In a couple of days, after the water recedes). Hope y'all have enjoyed my ramblings. There will probably be just a couple more, if needed. If not, I have enjoyed reporting all that has been happening the last couple of days. I want to thank Toby Shoemaker for allowing me to participate by using his Blog page. Can I say it has been fun? Well, it has been an experience. Will update y'all a little later, as the situation warrants. Thanks, again......

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